Thursday, May 6, 2010

Save the Date! Quiznos Bike Parade & Rally!

Tuesday, May 25th

Tell QUIZNOS: "Fair Food now!"
demanding fair wages and human rights for farmworkers!

12:00noon Bike Parade departs from:
the Flobots Community Space - 2705 Larimer St
27th & Larimer, downtown Denver

1:00pm Rally at:
Quiznos Corporate Headquarters - 1001 17th St.
17th & Curtis, downtown Denver

More details TO BE ANNOUNCED

Denver Fair Food and Fight With Tools are teaming up to demand that Denver-based fast food giant Quiznos work with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to ensure fair wages and human rights for farmworkers. Join us for an exciting action involving a spirited bike parade followed by a rally outside Quiznos Corporate Offices.

There are opportunities to participate whether or not you have a bike!

The CIW - a grassroots organization of Latino, Haitian and Mayan immigrant farmworkers in Florida - has called on Quiznos to take steps to address the human rights crisis faced by workers who harvest tomatoes in the company's supply chain. Quiznos is a major purchaser of Florida tomatoes whose high volume/low cost purchasing practices place a downward pressure on prices which in turn place a downward pressure on the wages and working conditions of farmworkers.

Farmworkers in Florida who pick tomatoes face sweatshop conditions every day. Workers earn just 40 to 50 cents for each 32lb bucket of tomatoes they pick - the same per bucket piece rate as they received in 1978. At that rate a worker must pick 2.5 TONS of tomatoes just to earn minimum wage for a typical 10hr workday. Farmworkers make, on average, just $10,000 a year. They are denied the right to overtime pay and the right to organize. In the most extreme situations, farmworkers are held against their will and forced to work in modern-day slavery rings. There have been seven successfully prosecuted slavery rings in Florida, involving more than 1,000 farmworkers, since 1997.

Through hard-fought campaigns, the CIW has reached agreements with 8 leading food corporations including McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway and Burger King. These "Fair Food" agreements have established for the first time direct increases in wages, enforceable standards for the protection of worker rights and a voice for farmworkers in the decisions which impact their lives.

Now it's time for Quiznos to join the growing wave of Fair Food and help put an end to Florida's harvest of shame once and for all. Join us at this important action to send a clear message to Quiznos that we want "Fair Food Now!"

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