Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Part 2: Sending our message to Quiznos stores...

The Bike Parade split into three different groups in order to deliver our message to as many Quiznos locations as possible in a short amount of time. Each group went to a different Quiznos restaurant. Two groups went to stores on the 16th Street Mall (a place which has seen it's share of historic fair food actions). The third group went somewhere of historic significance for Quiznos - its very first restaurant, seen below. With any luck (and a growing national campaign) all the Quiznos stores we visited will become part of a new history, another chapter in the Campaign for Fair Food which will end with Quiznos joining in partnership with the CIW to uphold the human rights of farmworkers.
At the stores each group delivered manager letters (which you can do as well!) . . .

. . . and had impromptu pickets outside, like this one whose signs straight forwardly explain to Quiznos why it should get onboard with the principles of Fair Food while riffing off of Quiznos' brand image. They read: "Join the winning Team!! (CIW, SFA, IA, Yum!, McDonald's, Burger King, Whole Foods, Subway, Compass, Bon Apetit, Aramark)," "Quiznos: Buy Fair Tomatoes," "Toasted Sub=Good, Exploited Farmworkers=Bad," and "MMMM...Fair Food."
Finally, everyone departed to convene together at Quiznos Coporate Headquarters and flagship store.
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