Sunday, February 27, 2011


"Justice too long delayed is justice denied." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

3 weeks of protest against Quiznos and for farmworkers' human rights!

Friday, March 18, 12:00noon
Quiznos at 216 16th St. (one block W. of Broadway)[map]
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Dress like a tomato!

Sunday, March 27, 12:00noon
Quiznos at 1275 Grant St. (13th & Grant)[map]
Picket at 1st ever Quiznos

Thursday, March 31, 12:00noon
Quiznos Headquarters, 1001 17th St. (17th & Curtis)[map]
Cesar Chavez Day Protest and Rally! honor the continuing struggle for farmworker justice!

A new era of human rights, fair wages and dignity - for which farmworkers have been fighting for so long - is taking hold in Florida's tomato fields. Yet, despite Quiznos' promises to the contrary, the Denver-based fast food chain still refuses to adopt the principles which would allow these changes to spread and thrive. The workers who pick tomatoes which end up on Quiznos' subs can no longer tolerate the delay of justice. And neither can we!

Join us, in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, to push for an end to the farmworker exploitation which has subsidized Quiznos' profits for too long.

contact for more info.

Florida's farmworkers have long faced brutal conditions. They earn sub-poverty wages, have no right to form unions or to over-time pay, lack traditional employment benefits such as health, sick leave or pensions, and have not received a significant raise in nearly 30 years. At the current rate of .50 cents per 32lb bucket, a Florida tomato picker must harvest over TWO TONS just to earn the equivalent of minimum wage for a typical 10 hour. In the most extreme situations workers are held in modern-day slavery and forced to work against their will.

However, there is a new hope on the horizon, thanks to the hard-fought campaigns of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a community-base organization of Haitian, Latino and Mayan farmworkers in Florida. Today, nine leading food corporations (including Subway, McDonald's and Burger King) and over 90% of the Florida tomato industry have joined to support the CIW's Fair Food principles, including a penny-per-pound piece rate wage increase, a strict code of conduct, a cooperative complaint resolution system, a participatory health and safety program, and a worker-to-worker education process.

However, Quiznos - which continues to profit from the exploitation of farmworkers - has yet to do its part. While there have been discussions with the CIW, those talks continue to drag on because Quiznos won't agree to the same Fair Food principles that the entire Florida tomato industry has already adopted. Visit or for more info.
Empuje de Primera por la Justicia de los Trabajadores Agricolas!
Manifestaciones contra Quiznos y por los derechos humanos de campesinos

Domingo, 27 de Marzo, 12:00 pm
Quiznos en el 1275 Grant St.
(en la esquina de las calles 13 y Grant)

Jueves, 31 de Marzo, 12:00 pm
La Oficina Central de Quiznos, 1001 17th St.
(en la esquina de las calles 17 y Curtis)
Protesta del Dia de Cesar Chavez. Apoya la lucha de los trabajadores agricolas!

Una nueva época de derechos humanos, sueldos justos, y dignidad, esta tomando la industria de jitomates en el estado de Florida por nuevos y mejores cambios. Pero Quiznos, una empresa que consede aqui en Denver, sigue rechazando los principos que dejarian que estos cambios se realizen para todos. Los trabajadores que cosechan los jitomates que usa Quiznos ya no pueden esperar la justicia, y nosotros tampoco!

Los trabajadores que cosechan jitomates en Florida han enfrentado condiciones brutales por mucho tiempo: ganan sueldos bajo la línea de pobreza, no tienen el derecho de formar sindicatos o a obtener pago por horas extras trabajadas. También se les prohíbe ciertos beneficios de trabajo fundamentales como seguro de salud, días de ausencia por enfermedad o pensiones, y no han recibido un aumento de sueldo significante en casi 30 anos. Hoy en día a los trabajadores se les paga .50 centavos por cubeta de 32 libras, esto quiere decir que un trabajador necesita cosechar más de DOS TONELADAS Y MEDIAS de jitomates solo para así ganar un sueldo mínimo equivalente a un día de trabajo de 10 horas. En los casos más extremos son detenidos dentro de una esclavitud moderna y forzados a trabajar en contra de su voluntad.

En estos días hay una nueva esperanza, gracias a los grandes esfuerzos y campañas de La Coalición de Trabajadores de Immokalee (CIW) - una organización principalmente de trabajadores latinos, haitianos y mayas. Hoy en día 9 de las corporaciones mayores de comida rápida (incluyendo a Subway, McDonald’s y Burger King) y más que 90 % de la industria de jitomates de la Florida han decidido apoyar los principios de la comida justa. Estos incluyen pagar un centavo más por cada libra de jitomates que es cosechado, un estricto código de conducta, un sistema de resolución de quejas, un programa de salud y seguridad, y un proceso de educación de trabajador a trabajador.

Sin embargo Quiznos - quien continua beneficiándose de la explotación de los trabajadores que cosechan jitomates — todavía necesita hacer su parte. Mientras las discusiones con el CIW y Quiznos si han sucedido, no hay avance porque Quiznos no se decide a apoyar los principios que la industria de jitomates en Florida ya ha adaptado. Visita el para más información.

"Quiz-No!": Quiznos protests spring up around the country!

Protests against Quiznos are springing up around the country! In addition to the many actions that have been happening in Denver and the recent one in Texas' Rio Grande Valley, there have been protests in San Francisco, in the West, and New York to the East.

Pictured here in the Bay Area Fair Food crew crashing an open house at which Quiznos was trying to recruit new franchisees. Instead of just getting a slick sales pinch, potential Quiznos store owners were awakened to the reality of exploitation occurring in the fields from which Quiznos sources tomatoes and Quiznos' refusal to adopt the CIW's Fair Food principles which are establishing an era of justice in those fields.

Go to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers website for a quick photoreport of all the actions (including our most recent in Denver!):
"Quiz-NO!" Photo Report

And prepare yourself for the SPRING BLITZ For FARMWORKER JUSTICE coming up in March right here in Denver!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Special Report from the Rio Grande Valley (and exclusive Quiznos Coupon offer!)

Last Sunday, our compañer@s in Texas' Rio Grande Valley had a powerful protest outside a Quiznos franchise in their neck of the woods. We're so inspired by their example that we're turning over this post to their beautiful words and actions. As outrage at Quiznos spreads across the country, we hope that those in Quiznos Corporate Headquarters in downtown Denver pay attention.

After you check out their fun photo report, be sure to take advantage of the exclusive Quiznos Coupon offered below. Redeem it today!

Texas - Sunday afternoon was no ordinary day. The Quiznos Picket in the Rio Grande Valley had the passing cars honking, our creative juices flowing, and Quiznos Franchise owners at attention. The Valley wind yesterday added to the excitement, as if chanting along with us, Hey, hey, ho, ho, Quiz Knows Better and has got to go! Nature is on our side!

A group of worker’s rights supporters started the afternoon by laying down the 411 for Quizno’s employees…

of our enthusiastic intention of raising consumer awareness of Quiznos participation in farmworker exploitation!

Thirty minutes into our mission, Quiznos franchise owners approached our public piece of turf to huff and puff about our presence hurting their business, since we were, as he put it, “portraying Quiznos as being unfair.” This is true. We’ve been waiting on Quiznos for a good minute now to come to the table with the CIW and agree to the same Fair Food Code of Conduct that the entire Florida tomato industry has already adopted! - a code which improves pay, establishes enforceable standards for worker rights and solidifies farmworkers' voice in the decisions which impact their lives. We made it pretty clear that our time waiting won’t be spent with our arms crossed.

He wasn’t too pleased. So we handed him a coupon, which makes everyone happy, and encouraged him to redeem today!

“Hey, Mister! Have you redeemed your Quiznos coupon, yet? When Quiznos decides to pay one cent more per pound of tomatoes, we include a cooperative complaint resolution system, a participatory health and safety program, and a worker-to-worker education process! REDEEM TODAY! We’ll also leave you and your business alone!”

Standing strong with campesinos desde el Valle! Our coupons have yet to expire so be sure to print and redeem yours today!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Quit breaking our hearts, Quiznos!" Photo report and Spring Blitz announcement

Last Saturday we held a sweet little Valentine-themed protest in Denver's Capital Hill outside the first-ever Quiznos restaurant. Our hearts have been breaking because Quiznos can't commit to showing farmworkers the respect they deserve.

Quiznos is still holding out against agreeing to the same Fair Food Code of Conduct that the entire Florida tomato industry has already adopted - a code which improves pays, establishes enforceable standards for worker rights and solidifies farmworkers' voice in the decisions which impact their lives. But we're not going to accept Quiznos' feet-dragging any longer. The question to Quiznos is simply: will the fast-casual sub chain help usher in the new era of dignity for farmworkers or will it continue to maintain a status quo of poverty and sweatshops in the tomato fields of Florida?
We made clear which side we're on; we're on the side of farmworkers - some of the nation's poorest and most exploited workers. Pictured here is a Denver Fair Food member being interviews by a reporter from KGNU.

And as the spokesperson from our delegation made clear while delivering dozens of valentines to the lone Quiznos employee on duty that day, if Quiznos does not join the side of justice for farmworkers, we will be intensifying the protests. In fact . . .

We already made plans . . .
Save the dates
Spring Blitz for Farmworker Justice
Friday, March 18th, 12:00noon
Saturday, March 26th, 12:00noon
Thursday, March 31st (Cesar Chavez Day!), 12:00noon
Locations to be announced.
Join us for a month of actions against Quiznos and for farmworkers' human rights!