Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Action

Last Monday, a small group of Fair Food activists marked the New Year with a spirited picket outside Quiznos' flagship store and under the gaze of Quiznos' corporate headquarters.

With our protest, we were writing a New Year's Resolution for the sub sandwich giant: This year, and sooner rather than later, Quiznos will place its massive purchasing power behind the principles of Fair Food in order to put an end to the human rights crisis occuring in Florida's tomato industry. And to see to it that Quiznos fulfill this resolution, we made a resolution of our own...
Our campaign will escalate, our actions will intensify, our voices will become louder and angrier, our determination will harden, our power will grow...
Until Quiznos resolves to support the new dawn of human rights in Florida agriculture, we resolve that actions like the small one last Monday will increase in size and frequency and veracity.

Dignity, respect, control over one's own destiny, freedom from poverty, slavery and abuse - farmworkers have never been closer to seeing these fundamental rights become a reality. This reality is too important to be compromised or delayed. The road ahead is clear, Quiznos.

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