Thursday, January 26, 2012

Protests Continue at Quiznos

While this blog hasn't been active lately, the same cannot be said of the Campaign for Fair Food across the nation. Trader Joe's and Publix are confronted by the demand for farmworker justice from new sources on nearly a daily basis. And Denver-based Quiznos continues to face protest such as this one in Texas' Rio Grande Valley. The committed group of Fair Foodistas in La Valle has held plenty of Quiznos protests before - a number of which this blog has covered. But this one had a special twist...Friends of Denver Fair Food may think that this banner looks familiar. That's because it traveled from Denver with one member of Denver Fair Food who had the pleasure of spending the weekend connecting, strategizing and learning with folks from the Valley and other parts of Texas. As a joint protest of Texas and Denver, it was one step in strengthening the bonds of solidarity across the country as we renew the call that Quiznos uphold fair wages and human rights for farmworkers.
The Denver representative got to witness the show of support from the passersby such as this peace sign flashed from a passing school bus...
..and got to experience the sounds of traditional Son Jarocho music which kept protest's spirits high.
At the end of the action, we (with Amy, a new member of the Student/Farmworker Alliance national Steering committee, as our spokesperson) shared our message of the dignity and justice for farmworkers with the store's employees and asked them to pass the message along to Quiznos Headquarters.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Rio Grande Valley trip.

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