Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Florida or bust!

In just hours, the first wave of Denver Fair Foodistas will be hitting the road for a long drive to Tampa, Florida. There we'll be joined by not only another half dozen of our Mile High sisters and brothers who are flying but also by hundreds if not thousands of our companeros from around the country who likewise have been inspired by the amazing grassroots workers struggle led by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

The Farmworker Freedom March is going to be powerful experience for us no doubt. I'm hoping that between the driving and marching and networking and picketing and chanting and singing and celebrating and building the more just world that lives in our dreams, that between all that, my friends and I will have some opportunities to update those of you who couldn't make it while we're in Florida. In any case expect a thorough report and reflections upon our return and pay attention to the CIW website for all the latest.

Next up: The Denver Ground Forces (as I'll be calling our caravan) are combining forces with the awesome folks from Lawrence Fair Food in Lawrence, Kansas before continuing on our quest. Stayed tuned...

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