Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gov. Crist places support behind CIW; SFA announces major new campaign

In the wake of the CIW's powerful action in the capitol city of Florida, Governor Charlie Crist finally met with the CIW and then issued a statement placing his support behind the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Campaign for Fair Food. This represents the first time a Florida governor has met with a farmworker organization as well as the first time a Florida governor has publicly spoken out against modern-day slavery and sweatshop conditions in the state's agricultural industry. See the CIW website for all the news -

Meanwhile, the Campaign for Fair Food surges forward as the Student/Farmworker Alliance announces a major new campaign targeting food service providers whose lucrative contracts with college campuses will be facing some stiff student opposition if they don't begin working with the Coaltion of Immokalee Workers to ensure fair wages and human rights for farmworkers. Those companies doing business on Denver's campuses, such as Sodexo, might want to take heed. See the SFA website for more details:

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