Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A couple illustrations for the Wendy's Week of Action

The Wendy's Week of Action is going on right now! Check out the CIW website for some initial photos and reports.  And check back soon for a lot more to come.

Denver's small contribution comes in the form of a few illustrations.

First, a Fair Food-spin on an old masterpiece:
Taco Bell Chihuahua: "We hope others in the restaurant industry and supermarket retail trade will follow our leadership." -Emil Brolick, Taco Bell President, 2005
Wendy: NO WAY!! -Emil Brolick, Wendy's CEO, 2013
 Second, a couple versions of a classic wanted poster inspired by Wendy's branding:

If you'd like PDFs or JPGs of any of the above imagines, please contact us at  We're happy to share.
While we're posting, a Denver Fair Food member recently ran across a letter to the editor in the Lakeland Ledger, the hometown newspaper of Publix supermarkets.  The letter was a poor attempt to criticize the CIW's decision to target Publix as part of the Campaign for Fair Food, and so the Denver Fair Food member spontaneously decided to set the letter writer straight.  Turns out the CIW liked the response so much, they featured it on their website.   This being the Denver Fair Food blog, we'll share the link here:

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