Monday, June 8, 2009

Stalemate broken! Two FL growers to implement CIW agreement with Whole Foods...

Alderman Farms and Lady Moon Farms, two of Florida's largest organic growers, officially onboard to pass penny-per-pound on to workers, meet strict labor standards...

Whole Foods Market has confirmed that two of Florida's largest organic growers have agreed to implement the principles of the Campaign for Fair Food, effectively breaking the stalemate established nearly two seasons ago when the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange threatened to fine any of its members that sold tomatoes under the terms of the CIW agreements. At that time, two Florida growers who had been passing on the penny-per-pound increase under the Taco Bell agreement ceased doing so. See the CIW website for all the details!

Press coverage of this great news included this cheeky commentary from MSNBC: "The one chain the CIW hasn't been able to entice over to the light side is Chipotle, which has been tsk tsked for responding with a snubby 'thanks, but no thanks.' C'mon, Chipotle, your burritos are overpriced as it is, what's a few more cents?"

One more excuse has crumbled for Chipotle Mexican Grill, and we at Denver Fair Food are apparently not the only ones wondering: Will the burrito chain now finally give up its pretensions and condescension toward farmworkers, and at last reach an agreement in authentic parnership with the CIW?

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